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Our Services in Hampden, MA

Logger Chainsawing a Tree - Tree Services in Hampden, MA

Residential Services

For your residential care, you can be assured in the security of your property. Our crew provides a range of jobs to make sure we leave your estate preserved, no matter the season or the weather. Wallace Tree will provide services from complete
  • tree removal
  • trimming
  • pruning
  • crown raising
  • cabling
  • stump grinding.
Our projects are completed efficiently and quickly, granting homeowners a welcomed assurance that their property will be taken care of.

Man with chainsaw cutting the tree - Tree Services in Hampden, MA

Commercial Services

Businesses and corporations trust the Wallace Tree Service name to take care of their establishments. With our team of experienced urban lumberjacks, and extensive arsenal of cutting edge equipment we are qualified for any project. Our response to severe weather and emergencies will be as immediate as necessary in order to alleviate your situation. We service MANY business.
Lumberjacks - Tree Services in Hampden, MA

Removing Unwanted Trees

It's important to take out diseased trees or those trees that threaten your home due to weight. Our landscaping company has the tools and the talent to remove any tree. Height is no issue because we are able to provide crane service to get up into the branches and start trimming. Once we have taken the tree down, we begin stump grinding until there is no remnant of the tree left. We also offer shrub removal.
Specialty Equipment Includes:
  • 110 foot Crane
  • Light weight man lift over 70 feet
  • 75 foot aerial bucket, chippers, bobcats, to logging equipment